How can I get a quote?

Please fill out our online enquiry form, this asks for all of the details we need in order to get back to you with a quote quickly and efficiently. Please allow us one business day to get back to you, we might be busy in the kitchen when you send through your enquiry.

Do you require a deposit to secure my booking?

Yes we do. A 50% Deposit is required to book in your cake and secure your date. If you would like to proceed with an order, we will email you through an invoice which has our bank details on it. Deposits can be be made via bank transfer or you can come in if you prefer to pay cash. Your cake is not guaranteed a spot unless this deposit is paid and cleared. Full payment is required if the due date is less than 7 days away. A cake will not be started unless payment is recieved.

I need to cancel my order, can I get a refund?

If an order is cancelled within 14 days of the due date we cannot give a refund or a credit and you will forfeit your deposit. We order specific ingredients and tools to bring your cake to life in advance. We do book out regularly and turn away orders that could of taken your spot with more notice. A $50 administration fee will incur on cancellations after a deposit has been paid, and the remaining balance will be granted as a credit valid for 1 year. COVID Special consideration is taken if you have to postpone due to a lockdown. We will evaluate what stage of the process your cake is up to however we cannot guarentee a credit of your deposit if you cancel within 1 week of your cakes due date.

How much notice do you need?

For wedding cakes we usually reccommend at least 6 months if it is wedding season. The warmer months are our busiest months, generally between October-April for wedding cakes. This will also allow us enough time to get ideas together, get you in for a tasting and discuss the cakes final details. For all other special occasion cakes 1-3 months depending on our availability.

Do you need a photo of the cake I'd like?

If you have a photo of what you'd like that's great! Seeing photos helps us get to know what style of cake you're after. Of course we always put our own artistic flair and style into the design when making them, visit our instagram page to see our latest work!

Can I come in for a consultation?

Yes! We love meeting our customers! We are open by appointment only so please contact us in advance to book in a time as we may not always be available if you walk in. We like to allow 30 minutes for each appointment. We do prefer to give you a quote online first so we have an idea of what type of cake you're after and you know roughly what you're looking at in terms of pricing. In the consultation we will go over your cake design and the finer details, you can see what size your cake will be and you can try some samples of our most popular flavours.

Do you offer complimentary tastings?

We do! We offer complimentary cake tastings for weddings. If you have gotten a quote and you're intrested in trying our cakes, let us know and we will book you in for an appointment. We have a range of our popular flavours available for you to try in our showroom.

What is your pricing?

Every cake is unique therefore a lot of factors come into play when it comes to pricing. The price depends largely on the amount of detail. A custom cake can take hours and even days to bring to life. What we evaluate when it comes to pricing includes:

  • The amount of people the cake serves
  • The time spent designing the cake and researching tools needed
  • Buying ingredients and packaging
  • Preparing and baking the cake
  • Icing the cake in ganache or buttercream to give it that perfect sharp edge look
  • Colouring icing
  • Time spent decorating the cake to the customers specifications
If you have a budget that you would like to stick to please mention this to us so we can guide you to find something that will suit. Get in contact with us so we can give you a personalised quote to your specifications.

Do you deliver?

Yes! Delivery prices depend on the distance from Bittersweet Cakes' location in Epping to the delivery address. Delivery must be organized at the time of ordering the cake or up to two weeks before the events date depending on our other deliveries. Your cake must be paid in full before we deliver it. For weddings it is highly reccommended that you get Bittersweet Cakes to deliver your cake for you so it arrives at your venue safely and it’s another thing you won’t have to worry about on the big day!

Can I pick my cake up from your shop?

You are more than welcome to pick your cake up at a pre arranged time. All cakes are given to customers in boxes upon pickup. We will always bring your cake out to your car for you. When transporting your cake leave it in its box and put it on a flat surface in the car such as the boot or the floor of the front seat. DO NOT PUT YOUR CAKE ON A SEAT. We strongly discourage this as the cake could slide off and be damaged upon breaking and turning corners. Cakes are very delicate and any breakages or damage caused by the customer are not the responsibility of Bittersweet Cakes after if has left our showroom. We do offer a delivery service to take away the stress of delivering the cake yourself.

Can I change my cake design?

If you are wanting to change your design please let us know immediately. Any changes must be confirmed 1 month before the pick up/delivery date. We will let you know if there are any additional costs to the changes.

How do I cut my cake?

Watch this video below! This is the best video I have seen to show you how to cut a cake properly. Cakes are best cut in a grid like format instead of wedges as it will cut cleaner and you'll get a lot more slices out of it. You will look like a pro when people come to get a slice!

Do you make other desserts?

We sure do, they look fantastic on tables! Some of our most popular desserts include:

  • Mini cupcakes
  • Regular cupcakes
  • Cookies
  • Cake pops
  • Chocolate pyramids
  • Mini donuts
  • Rocky road
  • Macarons
  • Mini white chocolate raspberry cheesecake tart
  • Mini salted caramel chocolate tart
  • Mini lemon meringue tart
Have any other requests? Let us know!

Where can I see your work?

The best place to stay up to date is to follow us on instagram! @bittersweet_cakes

Do you have special dietary requirement cakes?

We do offer chocolate gluten free or vegan cake on request. However because we bake with gluten, egg, dairy and sometimes nuts, we cannot guarantee that there won't be traces of allergens as they are present in the kitchen.

How long does it take to get a response?

We will get back to you as soon as possible. When I say we I always mean me! I'm one person running Bittersweet cakes so it can take up to one business day to get back to you, please be patient!

Terms and conditions

Quotes are given and deposits must be recieved before securing a date. Quotes are only valid for 30 days and are subject to change without notice. By booking with Bittersweet Cakes, you agree to be bound by these Terms and Conditions.

Frequently Asked Questions