Cake Flavours 

Bittersweet Cakes has a fantastic range of flavours available for you to choose from made from quality ingredients. They will taste just as good as your cake looks!

All cakes will be layered with either chocolate ganache or white chocolate ganache for fondant covered cakes - for buttercream styles they will have layers of our lovely vanilla buttercream.

White Chocolate

Soft and light white chocolate mud cake


White chocolate mud cake with a swirl of chocolate mud, best of both worlds


A classic for all chocolate lovers, not too rich or dense - perfectly moist

Red Velvet

Don't like red velvet? You'll like this! A non traditional version that's darker in colour with a raspberry twist

White and Coconut
White chocolate mud cake infused
with coconut essence and
desiccated coconut


Caramel mud cake with a swirl
of chocolate


Soft coffee cake


Coffee cake with a swirl of
chocolate mud

White and Strawberry Swirl

White chocolate mud with a swirl of strawberry 

White and Raspberry Swirl

 White chocolate mud with a swirl of raspberry

Chocolate Mint

Chocolate mud with peppermint essence

Chocolate Berry

A sweeter version of chocolate
mud infused with strawberry
and raspberry


A caramel twist to our white
chocolate mud


Chocolate mud infused with orange


Fragrant orange cake 


Soft and delicious lemon cake